11E Greenway Plaza # C-15
Houston, Texas 77046
Our Values


Austin Eco Bilingual School lays the groundwork for a life-long love of learning by combining the benefits of multilingual and intercultural education, promoting international awareness.
We strive to provide opportunities to reach both the intrinsic and extrinsic educational potential of every student. We create global leaders who are compassionate learners, who engage, enlighten, empower and contribute to build a better world.
Austin Eco Bilingual School is a growing center and school designed to specifically meet the needs of infants through early school grades. We provide our children with the love and attention needed to feel safe and secure in such a big world.

Children learn best discovering the world within their natural environment. Our comprehensive curriculum creates a lifelong love of learning by providing them with a myriad of experiences, which prepares each child with the ability to adapt socially and become an enlightened human being.

We believe a child’s learning ability, cultural awareness, and potential for success is enhanced by achieving competencies in a language beyond their own, in a classroom where children from various cultures both learn and share together.
It is, therefore, fundamental that our school provides a multilingual and multicultural education as the foundation to building the future of our communities and the world.
Austin Eco Bilingual School teachers and parents are encouraged to work together to provide the love and support needed as your child reaches developmental milestones.
Our school strives to examine what, where and how children should learn in order to thrive in a dynamic world. Our teachers embrace learning for the future, they nurture expert thinking, collaboration and entrepreneurship.
They foster inter-cultural understanding, environmental stewardship and global citizenship. We invited our students to understand complex problems, to find resolutions to their problems, to develop their potential through the possibility of making brain connections in an emotional setting, to grow up with the skills for the 21st century, and to create quality work and express themselves through 100 languages.
Our teachers can create opportunities for our students to expand their understanding of scientific concepts and science inquiry during play.

Embedded in our program, the Austin Eco Bilingual School curriculum standards aim to strengthen understanding and outlook needed by the leaders of the future. These standards examine issues of global importance and are also tailored to the cultural context of each location.

This allows students to engage with international issues and challenges while remaining strongly grounded in their local context. Promoting excellence in teaching and learning at both campuses and globally, is a fundamental goal of Austin Eco Bilingual School.