11E Greenway Plaza # C-15
Houston, Texas 77046
Our Uniqueness
AEBS South campus is an authorized International Baccalaureate School, while the North campus is going through candidacy. Both campuses are accredited by NAEYC, where the south location remains the only NAEYC accredited school in the Southwest area (only 5% of school in the U.S. are accredited). AEBS is dedicated to expanding access to the highest standard of education.
We provide different avenues of learning for all of our children. As part of an overall educational approach we utilize a Spanish language program in which the children will be immersed in Spanish while participating in all learning experiences.
AEBS strives to give their students a sound academic foundation. Each location emphasizes the importance of academic excellence while instilling in students a sense of civic responsibility, leadership skills, and the desire, ability, and commitment to give back to their communities locally and globally.
AEBS is grounded in an educational approach that measures success not just by academic achievement, but by how students apply what they know to make the world a better place.
Students develop a foundation in ethics and in openness toward differences and acceptance of pluralism by living in diverse communities. As the network of academies develops, both students and teachers will participate in visits and exchanges to other schools in other countries and regions.