Healthy Kids Lunches for School
Sami’s Cafeteria: School Cafeteria Program
Sample Snap Shot Menu:  Could be a combination of the listed items based on season and theme
Food cooked on site or couriered toyour site from our locations and served cafeteria style
Creamy baked chicken, Chicken nugget or strips Tossed salad 2% Milk
Orange Juice
Cheese cake Mashed potatoes Baked curly fries
Chicken linguini, Chicken fettuccini
Alf redo
Caesar salad 2% Milk
Orange Juice
Cookie Mozzarella sticks
BBQ chicken Beef brisket/sausage links Baked beans 2% Milk
Orange Juice
Ice cream Potato salad, Cole slaw
Salisbury steak or Meatloaf,
Chicken fried steak
Carrots Corn 2% Milk
Orange Juice
Pudding Mashed potatoes Garlic bread
Lasagna, stuffed pasta, Ravioli or cannelloni Caesar salad 2% Milk
Orange Juice
Fruit cups Garlic bread
Chinese food Fried rice, Noodles Stir fry veggie Salads Brownie Egg rolls
Breakfast for lunch Pancakes, egg, bagel, waffles French toast, Sausage, bacon   Garden Chef
Grill chicken
Orange slices Jell o Yogurt Hash browns Tots, home-style potatoes
Baked chicken wings Green pea Broccoli   Pies, Sliced cake Baked seasoned fries
Pizza:  Every Friday Salad   Whole fruit Mac-cheese
Tacos/quesadillas Burritos, fajitas Black beans Sandwich Wraps Ice cream Spanish rice
Fried fish/baked fish Hushpuppy Grilled chicken Brownie, muffins Cole slaw
Enchiladas-chicken/cheese Nachos Turkey Seasonal fruits Re-fried beans
Hamburgers, veggie burger
Chicken or turkey burger
California Medley Ham Apple sauce Peaches Curly fries
Spaghetti-meatball Salad Roast Beef Raisins Garlic bread
Hot dogs/corn dog Chips Tuna Parfaits Chili
Baked potatoes/ au gratin Pasta salad Grill cheese Danish Italian bread
We do not use any lard or nuts in our cooking. We only use cholesterol free vegetable oil
This is just a synopsis of our current menu.  We could add to this as and when necessary based on popular requests and intelligent food value. We could also have some adult /mature items for the staff that could be pre-ordered We would want to be very involved with the staff and the parents and would be willing to accept all suggestions to reconstruct new menus from time to time