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All American box lunch: A gourmet sandwich/wrap, chips, devil egg, brownie and fruit cup with soda/ice-tea

All Greek box lunch: A gourmet gyro, Greek salad, devil egg, falafel, cookie and a fruit cup with soda/ice-tea

Tex-Mex box lunch: A gourmet burrito, chips-salsa, pickle, brownie and a fruit cup with soda/ice –tea

Burger box: A 1/3lb Angus burger, chips, salad, pickle, cookie and a fruit cup with soda/ice-tea

Dieter’s box lunch: A garden salad with lean grilled chicken, devil egg, fruit cup, yogurt with soda/tea

Party Trays
Gather around the good food and add festive colors to your meetings/events

Sandwich / wrap tray
Salad tray
Vegetable / fruit tray
Dessert tray
Bite size (finger food) appetizer tray
Wings tray
Deli-meat and assorted cheese tray

Outdoor events/Tail-gate parties
On-site cooking and serving either buffet/ball park concession style

Nacho-Cheese, Ice-cream
Chili cook-off
Fish Fry
Crawfish bowl

Continental breakfast

An assortment of danish, muffins, bagels, croissants with fresh cut seasonal fruit and your choice of coffee or juice

Breakfast sandwich or taco platter

An assortment of breakfast tacos on hand rolled tortillas or an assortment of breakfast sandwiches on bagel, toast, croissants and English muffins

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